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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tai Sang Toys - "BLUE-BOX"

B2 - BB - BBI Ltd. - BBT - BBVMO - BKids - Blue Box - "Blue-Box" - Blue Box Fty. Ltd. - Blue Box Group - Blue Box Holdings - Blue Box Inc. - Blue Box International Ltd. - Blue Box/Redbox - Blue Box Toy/s - Blue Box Value Management Office - Blue Box Vinyl - Blue Box (VMO) Ltd. - Redbox - Tai Sang Toys - TS

Various production sites in Hong Kong, Macau, New Territories and Singapore, now with 3 main plants in mainland China (Guangdong province, totalling 1.6 million square feet), other offices sited elsewhere in Europe and the Americas.

Company Registration Number (CR No.): 0009082, live private company limited by shares, held within the company.

Hong Kong Sites
- Tai Sang Toys - Originally a small shed in what is today known as Shau Kei Wan on the eastern end of Hong Kong Island, TS name used exclusively approximately 1952-1954?
- Blue Box Toys - Same location, 1954-early 1960's?
- Blue Box Toys - Western end of the island, early 1960's-mid 1970's?
- Blue Box Vinyl Factory Limited (2nd October 1974-25th May 1993) now: Blue Box Toy Factory Limited / 藍盒玩具廠有限公司 (25th May 1993-present, HK production facility)
- BBI Toys International Limited / BBI 玩具國際有限公司 (13th April 1984-10th August1996, defunct (?) HK production site or metal die-casting plant? Company Registration Number (CR No.): 0135505, name now used as operating subsidiary of Blue Box Holdings Ltd.)
- Blue Box Factory Ltd., Blue Box Factory Building, 25 Hing Wo St, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, China (previous head office, remaining HK plant?)
- Blue Box Holdings Ltd./ 藍盒集團有限公司, 1203 East Ocean Centre, 98 Granville Road, Tsimchatsui (sometimes; Tsim Chat Sui) East, Kowloon, Hong Kong (current HK head-office, 30,000 square feet, 150 employees, also: 'TST [Tsim Sha Tsui] East')
- Other sites to be documented.

Singapore Sites (all now defunct?)
- Blue Box Toy Factory Pte. Ltd., 615 Lorong 4, Toa Payoh, Singapore, 319516 (now a StorHub Self Storage building, late 1950's-late 1980's?)
- Blue Box Toy Factory Pte. Ltd., Techplace 1 #03-12, 4008 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Singapore, 569625 (Kallang Industrial estate, might now be occupied by Tectron Developments Pte. Ltd.)
- Third site (location unknown), opened 1989 (when Toa Payoh unit closed/transferred to mainland China?), electronics factory, sub-contracting for Fisher-Price to manufacture interactive Sesame Street toys, Fisher-Price may have inherited the factory as their entry into the electronic toy market?
- Sales office (still maintained in Singapore?), address unknown.

Mainland China
- 3 sites in Guangdong Province, employing +/- 7,000 staff, addresses unknown
- Shanghai (sales office)

Other Sites / Subsidiaries
- Blue Box Toys Factory Limited, Macau (die-casting - probably now defunct?)
- Blue Box, 838 Toy Centre, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010, USA (sales office, mid/late 1970's - 2000's?)
- Blue Box Toys Incorporated, 220 South Orange Avenue. - Suite #106, Livingston, NJ 07039, New Jersey, USA (sales office, current)
- San Diego (ex-Infantino facility)
- Blue Box Toys (Europe) Limited, First Floor, Westwood House, Westwood Industrial Estate, Featherstall Road, Oldham, Manchester, OL9 6HN, UK (1990's - 2000's?)
- Bkids UK Limited, Croydon, Surrey, CR2 1AU, UK (sales office, current)

Phone: (852) 35 100 100  (HK, 1990's - present)
Phone: (973) 740 8882 (USA, current)
Phone: 2 358 7225 (Local/China?)
Phone: +852 2 365 7225 (HK
Phone: 07860 503 373 (UK, current)
Phone: +852 3129 5295 (Aberdeen Plant)
Phone: +65-64 555 322 (Techplace Singapore)
Fax: (852) 2724 3896 (HK, 1990's - - present)
Fax: +852 2 724 3895 (HK)
Fax: (212) 255 8520 (USA, 1990's -)
Fax: (0161) 628 3766 (UK, 1990's -)
Fax: +852 2311 6511 (Aberdeen Plant)
Fax: +65-64 555 922 (Techplace Singapore)
eMail: bbi@blueboxtoys.com (HK, 1990's - 2000's)
eMail: info@blueboxtoys.com (HK, current)
eMail: bbusa@blueboxtoys.com (USA, 1990's - present)
eMail: bbuk@blueboxtoys.com (UK, 1990's - 2000's)
eMail: i.maccrimmon@blueboxtoys.com (UK, current)
Website: www.blueboxtoys.com
Website: www.dicastdirect.co.uk (UK importer of Elite Command range)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bkidsfun
Twitter: @bkidsfun

See also: Alden, Benley, Blue Bow, Cecil Colman, Cragstan, Disney Stores, EJP, Fisher Price, Gig, Hagmayer, Herbert Kees, Larami, Leaderpack, Linda, Lucky Toys, Maple, Marx, Nadel & Sons, Petrel, Rado (Ri-Toys), Redbox, Reddish Maid, ST, Salco, Steven Brechner, Success (WH Cornelius), Toymasters, Toys R' Us, Tri-ang, Triang-Hornby and Woolbro

1952 - Tai Sang Toys formed by group of ex-watchmakers under Peter Chan Pui
1963 - Name changed to "Blue-box" Toys Company Limited (藍盒玩具有限公司)
1963 - Blue Box Holdings incorporated
1967 - Name changed to "Blue-box" Toys Factory Limited (藍盒玩具廠有限公司)
1968 - Name changed to Blue Box Toy Factory Limited (藍盒玩具廠有限公司)
1968 - Techplace factory in Singapore Opened by then Singaporean Finance Minister Goh Keng Swee
1969 - First showing at Nuremburg Toy Fair
1969 - Receive order to produce 40,000 toys for Holland and Scandinavia for Christmas
1974 - Blue Box Toy Factory Ltd., registered
1974 - Blue Box Vinyl Factory Ltd., registered
1977 - Yeung Chi-kong ('CK') joins Blue Box from Herbert Kees
1984 - BBI International incorporated (BBI玩具國際有限公司)
1993 - Name changed to Blue Box Holdings Limited (藍盒集團有限公司)
1996 - BBI International dissolved by 'Striking Off' (s.290A)
2003 - Techplace factory Singapore closed
2009 - BBVMO issue integrated TQM policy
2013 - Peter Chan Pui dies
2014 - Purchase of Infantino LLC

Peter Chan Pui - Founder, long-standing chairman, major shareholder (d.15th Nov. 2013)
David Chan Tai-keung - Peter Chan's youngest son, chairman and CEO
Yeung 'CK' Chi-kong - Managing director, vice-chairman, partner and shareholder previously worked with the HK-based UK importers John Cowie & Co. and Herbert Kees
Tong Wai-ki - Early salesman, used to take suitcases of toys from various manufacturers in Hong Kong (including Wong Haw, TN and Blue Box) to the importer's (jobber's) representatives in the Toy Building in New York (200 Fifth Avenue), where he sold to Larami and Cragstan among others.
Hiu Wong - Robot designer (1980's)
Lawrence Chau - Head of BBVMO (2009)
Warren Hom - Marketing Operations (2010)
Cliff Seto - President of US Division (2010)
John Sun - Financial controller Blue Box Holdings (circa.2010)
Ringo Mak - President Blue Box Toys (2015)
Ricky Chaung - Senior executive (2015)
Francis Fong - Senior executive (2015)
Nicole Gresh - PR (Southard Communications)
Yuli Ho, Jackson Lui, Raymond Tai and Roy Yu (all TQM team)

A history of Blue Box is not easy, the company is still 'family owned' and quite secretive, it doesn't respond to eMails from collectors, and probably wouldn't want to talk about the amount of piracy in its early days, particularly as its founder was also its 'chief designer' at a time when most of its designs were er'hem . . . other peoples!

Apart from what little there is on the Internet (mostly about the factories) and the usual culling of product lists from modern retailers and eBay, the only decent source is Toy Town by Sara Monks (ISBN 978-988-19101-7-2) and I fully acknowledge the help of her work in the preparation of this entry. I also culled from two pages of The Rise of the New East by Ben Simpfendorfer, several HKTDC press releases and various obituaries published around the time of Peter Chan Pui's passing.

The company was formed by Peter Chan Pui a refugee/immigrant from Chiu Chow on mainland China as Tai Sang in 1952, the Blue Box branding coming later. Since Peter Chan's passing there has been a bit of a rewriting of the official history to establish that Blue Box were formed "with a vision toward creating a line of children’s toys and products that were educational, fun and safe.", but the truth is they were formed of necessity to save a group of workers from unemployment, and exploit a new technology, hopefully to make money!

Peter faced unemployment when the watch-maker he was working for went-under, borrowing money he bought his ex-boss's injection-moulding machines and started on a shoestring making household products ('homewares') and 'small animal' toys. Tai Sang translates as Together We Survive, a nod to the fellow ex-watch factory workers he took with him.

In the 1960's production was moved to the Western District of the Island where a lot of smaller plastic workshops were already set-up, at the same time he improved the type of  machines employed; to enable production of more complex mouldings/toys. He also started to pay-off the borrowed money and take sole control of the company.

It was around this time (late 1950's-early 1960's) that on a visit to the UK importer (US; 'jobber') Cecil Coleman Peter noticed Coleman's were repackaging his toys (which they bought from him in bulk) in nice boxes (not the equally common Blue Bow copies of Matchbox which are sub-piracies) before wholesaling them on with a large price mark-up. He decided to do likewise, and after returning to HK, Blue Box was properly born - the first official use seeming to be 1963, eleven years after they started trading. The resulting expansion included the first of the plants in Singapore, while the HK plant became yet more advanced.

During the 1950's and '60's the basic range consisted of piracies of popular European toys with Britains (plastics and hollow-casts), Corgi, Crescent, Barton (dolls houses) Dinky (die-casts), Elastolin (composition) Hornby, Jean, Kleeware, Lunby (dolls houses), Matchbox (die-casts), Merit, Merten, Triang and Triang-Mettoy's 'Spot-On' all being plagiarised to this author's knowledge, some regularly.

Hassenfelt (Hasbro), Marx and Mattel from the 'States also suffered, although Marx seem to have 'reached an arrangement' at some point, getting to carry small-scale Blue Box product under the Marx banner as Sunshine (wild west) and Majestic (farm) Series'. Other makers will have been plagiarised to provide the designs for the baby-doll and infant toy ranges. There may also have been cross-pollination on the Marx Miniature Masterpiece range and Blue Box's Military sets.

In 1969 Blue Box were in the first party of HK firms to mount an exhibition stand at the Nuremberg toy fair (against opposition) using an articulated lorry-trailer (US; 'tractor-trailer') in the car park! Blue Box's relationship with the Hong Kong Toys Manufacturers Association remains strong to this day, with 'CK' sitting on various professional and charitable bodies, while regular meetings of the Toy Fellowship (organisation of Christians in the HK toy trade) are held in the Blue Box offices, singing hymns in the lunch-hour!

The Nuremberg toy fair lorry had previously been used to hawk the wares of several HK toy companies in the former British colonies of East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) and one of the policies that has always been part of Blue Box's philosophy (and helped it survive downturns in the industry locally and globally) is the refusal to rely on the US market, they have a rule to never have more than 50% of production earmarked for the US buyers, and pride themselves on having dealt personally with a buyer in Fiji!

As it was a colony of the British Empire: Hong Kong companies like Blue Box cut their marketing teeth on the UK import market and would also have had strong links to the Australasian market, the US customers coming later as they (the Americans) looked to lower overheads by seeking product (and production facilities) in Hong Kong as costs/prices from their previous Japanese suppliers rose. As late as the 1980's, robots were marketed in the UK three years before being registered in the US.

The same caution led Blue Box to be slower than some of their rivals to move production into mainland china, leaving it until the late 1980's to begin the move, although nearly all production is now carried out in the three facilities in Guangdong (the last completed in the mid-1990's) a province adjoining the New Territories to the North West. The same caution ensured it wasn't until each factory was up, running and successful that the next one would be given the 'build' go-ahead.

They were also - with the 'Blue Box' branding model - one of the first companies in the Hong Kong industry to establish themselves as an independent brand, which lead to greater control over production, development and marketing/pricing, and has resulted in their current position in the toy market as one of the top global toy companies, both producing for other companies (contract manufacturing; Disney Stores) and using its completely autonomous design, production and marketing capabilities (vertical integration; Elite Command die-cast and vinyl, various scales) to maintain its position as an independent and successful own-brand manufacturer.

The partners admit that the business is very different today with 'professionalism' and design-lead creativity coupled with market knowledge having replaced the old system of trial and error; the margins are too tight to produce 10,000 units of something nobody wants, as the current CEO has put it. They also take care not to produce lines which might conflict with the existing lines of their clients - a far cry from the past. 

Early success was a doll that wet itself after a drink (the 'Drink and Wets' doll, a Tri-Ang/Pedigree copy?), requiring changing, and while I - as a toy soldier collector - follow the figures and to a lesser extent the farm and zoo ranges, they also had notable early success with their all-plastic dolls houses (based on the Barton/Lunby wooden ones), while 'CK' himself has a particular soft-spot for the infant toys. Construction toys, a range of large ornamental horses, larger dolls and more recently die-cast figures and top-end 'adult collectable' action figures have all been in the Blue Box oeuvre.

In the early 1980's a short war broke-out between Blue Box and Coleco, over the formers swiftly produced answer to the latter's 'Cabbage Patch Kids', called Flower Kids. Coleco probably had a good case, but with the Blue Box versions lacking a birth certificate/adoption papers (nor being placed in the same price bracket - tens of dollars against hundreds for a CPK), the case went BB's way, although Coleco kept up the pressure with lesser cases in individual US State's courthouses', as much to warn-off other parties as anything else.

Into the Modern Era
By the 1990's Blue Box stated their major export markets - after America - to be (1) Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, (2) West Europe (now; Bkids, UK), (3) East Europe, Middle East and Australia (4) other Asian countries, (5) Central/South America and (6) China Mainland, although in the intervening 20-odd years the Chinese (domestic) market size grew rapidly and continued to grow exponentially - the Chinese "...are big fans of plastic toys with light and sound" says Ringo Mak, who sees China and Southeast Asia as the future growth markets.

In the early 21st century, Blue Box set up a value-management division (BBVMO) specifically to approach the question of toy safety and to work with both clients and their own manufacturing plants in China to ensure all existing (and new) international and national standards are adhered to, and to facilitate converting existing products to the CCC standard mark required in mainland China.

This TQM (Total Quality Management) division is responsible for a continuous process of reducing or eliminating errors in manufacturing to streamline supply chains and improve the client relationship. It makes sure all BS, DIN, RoSH and CPSIA regulations are followed on things like phthalates and lead in paint and ensures all 7,000+ employees are properly trained, and properly protected.

At the time of writing (2015) the promised growth in the People's Republic is slowing. Blue Box, having originally commissioned an agent to represent them in China, had found the set-up didn't work-out, and are now using their own team of 30+ employees, based in Shanghai, to organise marketing, logistics and sales while selling predominantly on the mainland through an on-line sales portal called T-Mall.

In 2014 (Oct. 31st) they purchased Infantino LLC (a San Diego, California infant products company with 20 years experience (and contacts) in the US market) from The Step2 Company (apparently: the world's largest maker of rotationally-moulded (like blow-moulding - but bigger!) plastic play-equipment), the sale was handled by ROTH Capital Partners who served as financial advisor to Infantino.

The resulting structure is intended to concentrate on a group of brands; Infantino, B kids, Sun Zone, Wild Adventure (Nature's Own Jungle), BBI-Elite Force (1:18 and 1:6 military and 50mm tubs), Hello Kitty, B2 (electronic instruments and MiJam) and the original Blue Box (other musical, locking (money banks), licensed, cartoon character and all other/general toys), each of which will have a separate identity from the others.

The music and entertainments division B2 is aimed at teenagers and young adults with their own consumer spending power, MiJam's electronic drum sticks, guitars, and speakers for instance, can be used with MP3 players, iPods and smart 'phones, or streamed/uploaded to social media formats on the web.

Infant toy sales are particularly strong in mainland China, where education and development of the child are of great importance to the 'new' middle-class, 'CK' in talking of breaking into the Chinese market said: "Take it slowly. Try aiming for smaller markets in eastern China, where demand is high for quality goods. The region offers better opportunities for SMEs compared to first-tier cities in the southern region, which is dominated by domestic chain stores." (Interview with Hong Kong Toy Development Council (HKTDC) - 2015)

Their charitable work extends to customer countries and in the US they teamed-up with Room to Grow, a New York not-for-profit organisation, and through the Blue Box program 'B Kids Cares' contributed a portion of their profits to the provision of toys for underprivileged/deprived children in the New York and Boston metropolitan areas.

They also produce non-toy items such as a baby-alarm and monitor range and in the US B Kids works closely with BuyBuyBay.com to bring toys with key sensory, physical and learning properties to the 6-18 month-old age group.

Blue Box International Ltd., (as Blue Box Toys now operates) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Box Holdings Ltd., all known as 'Blue Box Group'; being a world class, totally integrated OBM (Own Brand Management) manufacturing, sales and marketing organization with over 7,000 employees in China and another 1,000-odd spread across Kowloon, Hong Kong; Singapore; Surrey, UK and Livingstone, New Jersey, USA.

Like most modern Chinese-based toy manufacturers, they also provide other companies with ODM (Own Development Manufacture) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services from their mainland China facilities; operating under international quality systems ISO.9001 and 9002, and their own internal quality management standards.

As contract manufacturers Blue Box were listing (as of 2008/9) the following among their clients;

·         Back to Basic

·         Big Lots

·         Brio

·         Casino

·         Disney

·         Fred Meyer-Kroger

·         Fingerhut

·         Infantino

·         Leapfrog

·         Lifung

·         Rite Aid

·         Target

·         Toys R Us (TRU)

·         Walgreens

·         Walmart

Garratt states in his encyclopedia; "Blue Box/Red Box, Hong Kong. Plastic, 30/54mm. The first are piracies of models by Marx. The 54mm range, made in hard, metallic, plated plastic, and entitled ‘Famous Historical Characters’, comprises such an assortment as Robin Hood, Julius Caesar, Richard I, Henry VIII, Geronimo (with full eagle head-dress) and Lord Nelson, a ridiculous figure. No attempt at portraiture is achieved, although the card to which each model is attached states ‘Masterpieces by well-known top-notch artists’! Probably flagrant piracies of other plastics unknown to us."

He fails to go on to explain the second half of his entry: Red Box. They were the Blue-Box line/marque/brand for what my brother and I called 'Dummy-Men', the downscaled (8-inches to the original 12") Action Man/GI Joe blow-moulded rip-offs with five points of articulation, i.e.; cheap, doll-like, with non-articulated/fixed knees, ankles, wrists and elbows, and simple swivel-joints at hip shoulder and neck, rather than the full ball-joints of the Hasbro/Palitoy figures they were aping.

The Redbox marking was on the plastic equipments, not the doll, which was only marked Blue Box, so it might be fair to assume there was a separate company, which worked with BB on this line and was so brand-named to connect it with the older, established partner, but this is pure conjecture. There are other 'Red Boxes' out there which only add to the confusion, one re-releasing ex-Zee Toys vehicles in recent years (1990's) under a Motor City branding.

Early Moulds
There is some evidence of Rado Industries (Ri-Toys) having both inherited some of the old Blue Box (and Marx) moulds, and pirated others.

Due to the time passed, the amount of plagiarism entered into by Blue Box in the early days, the quantity of further copying practiced against them by their rivals, the amount of contract manufacturing undertaken and so on, any listing is going to be partial, messy and - due to the bias of the author - geared toward the small scale, military and/or figural.

I have therefore broken it down into thematic sections, annotated where necessary, and hope for future contributions to bring the dolls and other toys on board. Also I've further split it into vaguely 'Historic' and Modern era's, these are a tad flexible, but equate to a period from the 1950's to around 1979, and another from around 1980 to date.

The reason for this is threefold; firstly; collectors (of my generation!) tend toward the older stuff so it seems to make sense to have it in one place. Secondly, I don't follow the new stuff terribly closely, so that section is bitty, and finally, there seems to be little extant Blue Box stuff for the 1980's; after the era of the 'blue' boxes, they seem to have spent the 1980's contract manufacturing for K-mart, Fisher-Price, Target, Toys 'r Us, and Wal-Mart building relationships with them and generating the capital needed to move their production facilities to mainland China.

Vintage Era

Military - 1960/70's
The commonest packaging for these was probably the 'Mobile Combat Team' and its similar stable-mates; a small boxed set with either British, US or a mix of the two in green styrene, or the French Resistance fighters in a blue-grey plastic, each group of three to six figures being accompanied by an AFV.

These sets came in various packaging-formats from a box with two-sided window to full clear covered 'tray', an interim design of clear box with background card was also branded to Linda (possibly a German or UK importer-brand), they were preceded by earlier non-window sets of British only figures in grey or green (or both) and would be expanded into two, three and even four 'deck' window-sets, sometimes with different titles or a part title; 'combat' or 'combat team' &etc. A similar, but slightly longer version, tended to 2 vehicles and a few more figures, or an accessory or two.

As the 1960's slid into the 1970's the figures were made of softer ethylene, often unpainted. A few sets contained Germans with remarkable similarities in painting and sculpting to the similar Marx set and the sailors appeared in bigger mixed sets early-on, many issued as generics for Woolbro et al.. AFV's were the same for the 50mm sets and are listed after both groups of figures.

Identical brown-plastic versions of the British infantry were supplied to Tri-Ang (latterly: Triang-Hornby), smaller sub-copies - first in brown with unmarked bases, then new (grey) poses - could be assumed to be Blue Box but may not have been and the possibility remains that all three sets may have been sub-piracies by another HK producer? Markings on all small scale - were present - was a simple 'HONG KONG'

Numbered Sets
1704 - [No Title] (boxed, contents vary)
7112 - Field Artillery (Crescent gun with painted soft ethylene figures)
7406 - 8 PCS. Army Set (boxed, display lid, gun, Austin Champ, 4 figures, shells)
7469 - First Line Troops Set (contents unknown)
7482 - Mobile Combat Set (boxed, contents vary)
77434 - Blue Box 3-deck Combat (assorted contents, green box and US/British figures, 1970)
77434 - Blue Box 3-deck Combat (assorted contents, grey box and German figures, 1970)
77448 - Combat Team (2 trays, assorted contents)
77619 - Army, Navy & Air Force (large selection of Merten Sailors, micro ships, ‘planes and ethylene infantry, 1966)
77643 - Mobile Combat Team (window Box, various contents)
77647 - Modern Equipment Combat team (window box, longer than 77643's, various contents, 1969)

Unnumbered or Number Unknown (may duplicate with above list)
- 69 Pieces Combat Set (boxed, various contents)
- Battle Gears Set (late production, copies? Land-Rover - Matchbox copy? – and US troops)
- Battleground (multi-blister various ethylene figures, vehicles and gun. 1966)
- Blue Box Combat (camouflaged box, 4 trays, assorted contents, 1966)
- Combat Set (1-deck, camouflaged box, helicopter and 5 figures, probably also; Petrel, 1968)
- Combat Set (3-deck, various contents)
- Combat Team (1-deck, various contents)
- Combat Team (2-deck, various contents)
- Mobile Combat Team (1 AFV, various contents, at least 6 different layouts, also sold branded a sLinda)
- Mobile Combat Team (multiple AFV's, US and German 'sides')
- Modern Combat (1 AFV and 3 figures, contents vary)
- Soldier Set (late production, copies? With Kleeware micro-trucks)
- [No Title] Window Box (various contents, 1 AFV, 4-6 figures)
- [No Title] Blister Card (various contents, 2/3 AFV's 10-12 figures)
- [No Title] Header-carded Bag (various contents, 2/3 AFV's 10-12 figures)

Probably or Not Blue Box (but with Blue Box or post-Blue Box mouldings)
- Air Force Commando Corps
- Battle Gear Set (soft plastic US Infantry, unpainted)
- Blue Box Toys (blister carded copies of Matchbox, 1 blister per card, 1980's?)
- Combat Set (bag of French Resistance figures in soft plastic, Ri-Toys?)
- Soldier Set (silver versions of Marx German infantry, 25mm, also: Nadel & Sons)

Figures (loose listing)
- US Infantry (from Marx with changes, 7 poses, styrene)
- US Infantry (6 poses, ethylene)
- US Medics (6 poses, styrene)
- British Infantry (ex-Britains, kidney bases, green, 6 poses, styrene)
- British Infantry (kidney bases, grey, styrene)
- British Infantry (penny-bases, green, styrene)
- British Infantry (penny-bases, marked, brown, styrene, for Triang)
- British Infantry (penny-bases, green, ethylene)
- British Infantry (penny-bases, unmarked, brown, styrene, for Triang-Hornby)
- British Infantry (like-Britains, penny-bases, grey, styrene, for Triang-Hornby)
- Dispatch Rider (ex-Britains hollow-cast, styrene, green)
- Dispatch Rider (styrene, grey)
- French Resistance (6 poses, styrene)
- German Infantry (6 poses, styrene)
- Sailors (attention, white shirts, ex-Merten, strips of three, 1 pose, styrene)
- Sailors (attention, arms shouldered, blue shirts, ex-Merten, strips of three, 1 pose, styrene)
- AFV crew (2 poses, 1 ex-Triang Minic, 1 original, soft ethylene)
- AFV driver (hard styrene, lime green)
- AFV driver (hard styrene, dark green)


Military - 1960/70's


These larger figures used to be considered original sculpting, but a fair few of them do have origins elsewhere, namely the Marx 6" figures. They are not as common as the smaller scale figures and seem to have had less packaging variation too, the US and German sets are quite/more common though.

Numbered Sets
77063 - Blue Box Combat Set (two-deck, with Australian figures)
77063 - Blue Box Combat Set (two-deck, with Japanese figures)

Unnumbered or Number Unknown (may duplicate with above list)
- A Blue Box Plastic Toys Series (2x Germans and WWI (Crescent) Gun with shells. 1969)
- A Blue Box Plastic Toys Series (2x US Infantry and WWI (Crescent) Gun with shells. 1969)
- Blue Box Combat Set (2-deck, 6-window, 2x US Infantry and 4 AFV's)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 Australians plus assorted accessories)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 British plus assorted accessories)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 plus assorted accessories)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 Japanese plus assorted accessories)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 Russians plus assorted accessories)
- Combat Set (2-deck, window-box, 6 US Infantry plus assorted accessories)

Loose Figures
- US Infantry (painted, same as 30mm, 6 poses)
- US Infantry (unpainted)
- US Infantry Officer (variation with separate base)
- German Infantry (painted, same as 30mm, 6 poses)
- German Infantry (unpainted)
- German Officer (variation with separate base)
- Japanese Infantry (5 foot poses, numbered 2-5, plus mounted officer on farm pony, painted)
- Japanese Infantry (unpainted)
- Australian Infantry (no numbers, painted, MG baseless, marching with separate base)*
- British Infantry (painted, 6 poses)
- British Infantry (unpainted)
- Russian Infantry (6 poses, painted)

*crudely copied by Rado in herb/jade greens, much reduced in size and with an additional cut-n-shut pose using the Airfix officers arms to replace the Blue Box marching pose.


The early vehicles were copies of British toys, and accompanied both 30 and 50mm figure sets, later vehicles were larger scale, lone-boxed toys more akin to other Hong Kong sparking, pull-back or battery-operated generics.

The Bedford RL or 'Big Bedford' a stalwart of the brush-fire wars of the 1960's and which would have known to the populace of HK from the UK-rotated and permanent Ghurkha garrison (probably copied from the Hornby/Dublo model), was later replaced in the range by the Bedford MK model (as it was replacing the RL in the British army), the MK therefore tends to appear in the larger multi-deck sets, which helps to date them as later sets; confirmed by the higher codes.

Early Vehicles (loose listing)
AFV Accessories (placed pretty randomly in both 30 and 50mm boxed sets)
- Bedford RL ('Big Bedford') Army Lorry (ex-Hornby Dublo/Dublo-Dinky, standard flatbed with 9 body-types and/or plug-ins)*
- Bedford MK ('Wagon') Army Lorry (Ex-Matchbox/Huskey? 7 body-types and/or plug-ins)*
- Ferret Scout Car (ex-Dinky, also copied by Marx (smaller, ethylene) and NFIC (larger, styrene))
- Field Gun (54mm scale, WWI RHA type, ex-Crescent)
- DUKW-like Amphibious AFV (Blue Box original design with shades of Marx)
- Jeep
- Austin Champ
- US Army Trailer
- Gazelle Helicopter (ex-Triang-Hornby)
- Sikorsky Helicopter
- Land Rover (may not be Blue Box)
- Patton Tank (thin muzzle/flash eliminator)
- Patton Tank (thick muzzle/flash eliminator)
- Patton Tank (plug-on 'basket' muzzle/flash eliminator)

* Bedford truck body-types were;

- GS, Drop-side, Troop Carrier with Canvas Tilt (RL only)

- Hard-bodied, Rear-doors-opening Ambulance (RL only)

- Flatbed with control consol and plug-ins as follows;

·         Searchlight (ex-Lone Star)+

·         Radar (ex-Lone Star)+

·         Tactical/Battlefield Rocket++

·         Multi-Tube Rocket Cube (ex-Lone Star)+

·         Twin Pom-Pom (ex-Lone Star)+

·         Single 'space-gun' (ex-Pyro via Kleeware)++

·         'Space Rocket' (ex-Lone Star)++

+ = Broad mounting
++ = Narrow mounting

More bodies were available on the civil range, but they weren't militarised.

Later Vehicles (individually boxed)
- Armoured Rocket Launcher (green, 1:24th Daimler armoured car with triple-rocket launcher)
- Armoured Rocket Launcher (sand, 1:24th Daimler armoured car with triple-rocket launcher)


Medieval (loose figures)
- Medieval on foot (8 poses, ex-Merten)
- Medieval on foot (8 poses, ex-Jean)
- Medieval mounted (4 poses? Ex-Jean)

Siege Engines
- Bow Catapult (various colours, ex-Lone Star)
- Ballista Catapult (various colours, ex-Marx)
- 'Rail-car' Catapult (various Colours, ex-Lone Star)


American Civil War (see also Wild West, influenced by 54mm Britains Herald and Crescent 60mm's)
- ACW Union (6 poses, shades of azure-blue)
- ACW Union (shades of dark-blue)
- ACW Union (shades of ultramarine)
- ACW Union (shades of sky-blue)
- ACW Confederate (shades of blue-grey)
- ACW Confederate (shades of grey)


Wild West (less ACW - above)
30mm (Britains Swoppet Piracies)
Numbered Sets
7525 - Fort Cheyenne Set (small scale figures, standard fort, also: Redish Maid)

Unnumbered or Number Unknown
- Covered Wagon Outfit (for Marx, Sunshine Series, wagon and 6 foot figures)
- Fort Cheyenne Set Plus ¼lb Toffee Whirls (unnumbered Reddish Maid version of 7525)
- Trail Wagon (large blister set, 10 figures, wagon, 2 cacti, tipi)
- Wagon Train Team
- Wagon Train Outfit (same contents as Covered Wagon Outfit)
- Western Set Fort Apache (for Ledapak), vac-form fort frontage, 3 foot, 2 mounted)
- Woolbro Western (for Woolbro, wagon and 6 foot figures)

Probably or Not Blue Box (but with Blue Box or post-Blue Box mouldings)
- Historic Carriages (might be National, 2x plug-together carts, 4 foot figures, new designs)

Wild West
30mm (loose figures)
- Cowboys (3 foot, 3 mounted, ex-Britains, painted)
- Cowboys (un-painted, coloured plastics)
- Indians (3 foot, 3 mounted, ex-Britains, painted)
- Indians (un-painted, brown plastic)
- Covered Wagon (Giant-type ex-Crescent wagon, Ajax-like horses)


Wild West
50mm Sets
- 50 Pieces Western Town (mixed contents, 4 card buildings, 8 cacti, wagon, 4 rock piles)
- Western Town (50mm cowboys, Indians, wagon, cacti and 4 card buildings)

50mm (loose Figures)
- Cowboys (mix of Britains, Jean and other poses)
- Indians (original poses?)
- Horses (ex-Jean)
- Covered Wagon (ex-Britains horse teams with Crescent/Tudor Rose style wagon)
- Stage Coach (ex-Britains horse teams with Britains'ish coach)


Accessories (loose)
- Fort Cheyenne (ex-Marx? Issued with both sizes of figures, in various configurations)
- Rock Formations (ex-Elastolin, blow-mould, green)
- Cacti (3 designs)


Space (made in Singapore, circa 1978)
Boxed Set
- Space Vehicles (4x different push and go toy spaceships)*
Singles (bagged with generic artwork header-card)
- 1 SJ Space Jet
- SD 2 Pink Space Disc
No.6146-9 - SC 3 Green Space Car
- 4 SR Space Rocket
Blake's 7 (TV tie-in reissues, probably unlicensed, blister-cards)
- [Space Jet]
- [Pink Space Disc]
- Federation Interceptor (Space Car in dark silver/grey-green)
- [Space Rocket]

*Also issued as a Sears exclusive in the USA with 'groovy' sticker graphics


The problem with the farm is one of scale, the animals are easily identified from mint sets found at on-line auction sites and the like, but a lot of the sets contain both large-scale and small-scale items. Also, while sets might have animals in both sizes, the figures will be one size or the other, with most of the small-scale sets also being branded to Western importers/jobbers, and issued as generic - un-branded - rack-toys. As a rule of thumb, unpainted smaller animals (goats, lambs, rabbits etc...) from the large-scale range were issued with small scale sets, the opposite rule doesn't stand-up!

Most animals are Britain's piracies, with the exceptions of the small-scale horses and sows which are pinched from the Merit (now Model Scene) range of HO-gauge compatible model railway accessories and the pigs which seem to be relatively original in the small-scale, and copied from the - HK produced - Corgi pigs issued with a wagon-bodied, pick-up truck, livestock transporter in the large-scale. One item of Blue Box farm also copies Corgi calves, from a similar die-cast vehicle set.

There are many sub-piracies of these and similar, other HK animals, and Blue Box produced them for some time marked 'HONG KONG' and 'SINGAPORE', in various colours.

Farm / Zoo Workers (ex-Britains, soft ethylene)
- Farmer with Shotgun (ex-Britains)
- Shepherd (ex-Britians)
- Farm Hand / Zoo Keeper (separate base, various tools, ex-Britains)
- Farm Hand (green base) / Zoo Keeper (grey base), (moulded base, various tools, ex-Britains)
- Farmers Wife (feeding poultry, ex-Britains)

Early Numbered Sets
7222A - Farm Set (contents unknown)
7395A - 101 Pieces Farm Set (large scale, 1977)
77279 - Farm Set (small-scale animals, large scale accessories and cut-out card buildings on box)
77431 - 3-Deck My Farm (manufactured for Steven Brechner Import Co. code: T11-69)
77432 - 3-Deck My Farm (large scale animals and split-rail fence)
77900 - My Own Farm (13 assorted animals, tractor, trailer, water wheel, fencing, ex-Britains
77970 - My Own Farm (approx. 12 animals, tractor, trailer, water wheel, fencing, ex-Britains farmer)

Other 'Blue Boxes'
- 17 Pieces Home Farm - Blue Box Educational (large scale, with card cut-outs)
- 40 Pieces Home Farm - Blue Box Educational (27-window tray, mixed scale, with card cut-outs)
- 84 Piece Home Farm Set (boxed, mostly small scale, various contents)
- 99 Pieces Home Farm (boxed, large scale, various contents with farm house)
- 101 Piece Home Farm Set (boxed, mixed-scale, various contents with farm house)
- A Bluebox Plastic Toy Series (carded, five large scale animals)
- A Bluebox Plastic Toy Series (carded, five large scale animals, branded to Maple)
- Blue Box (blister card, contents vary)
- Blue Box Farm (contents unknown)
- Blue Box Farm Set (boxed with Merit and Spot-On copies, small scale)
- Farm Series (blister card, civil vehicle and a few smaller large-scale animals, contents vary)
- Farm Series (header-carded bag, small scale, 3 figures, pigs, fences)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, ex-Britains geese, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, ex-Britains hens, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, ex-Culpitt / Gem deer, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, ex-Merit cows, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, ex-Merit horses, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (bagged card, different graphics, 30mm figure, pigs, also Success-WHC)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, ex-Britains geese)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, ex-Britains hens)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, ex-Culpitt / Gem deer)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, ex-Merit cows)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, ex-Merit horses)
- Farm Set (blister card, 30mm figure, pigs)
- Farm Set (boxed small scale, contents vary, blow-moulds of Spot-On building and play mat)
- Farm Set (box with ex-Britains hen-coop copy filled with small scale animals)
- Farm Set (large scale, 12 blister 'blue card')
- Hand Painted Farm Series (small scale)
- Home Farm (13-window box, 17 pieces, large-scale)
- Home Farm 74 Piece Farm (mixed-scales, log cabin, animals, figures and accessories)
- Home Farm Equipment (window box, mini-tractor with driver and trailer)
- Home Farm Equipment (window box, hay cart and farmer, Britains large scale copies)
- Jamie's Farm (small 6-blister card with farm hand, 3 rabbits, 4 other animals and fences)
- Make Your Own Play Farm (small-scale, ex-Merit and Britains)
- Mini Country (unfolding PVC play-set with pop-up buildings and separate figures & animals)
- Mini Farm (large-scale figure and pigs)
- My Farm (lift-lid display-box, small scale tractor, large scale cow)
- My Farm Equipment (carded, ex-Corgi combine harvester with driver)
- My Happy Farm (2-deck window box, cottage with water wheel and assorted other contents)
- My Own Farm (3-deck, 6 window box, contents vary)
- Steven’s Mini Farm (3-deck window- box - tractor, 3 farmers, 30mm assortment, ex-Merit)

Probably Not Blue Box (but with Blue Box or post-Blue Box mouldings)
1642-10 - 40 Piece Farm Set (Cragstan code, small scale figure copies, large animal copies)
- Farm Set (4-deck, Ri-Toys, with card cut-outs)
- Farm Set (blister card, Ri-Toys)
- Make Your Own Play Farm (Ri-toys?)
- Mini-Bauernhof ('Mini-Farm', unpainted copies, see also; Plasty)

- Tractor with Bucket (styrene, ex-Corgi)
- Combine Harvester (styrene, ex-Corgi)
- Animal Trasnporter (styrene, ex-Corgi)
- Hay cart (ethylene, ex-Britains)
- Plough (ethylene, ex-Britains)
- Grass harrow/Rake (ethylene, ex-Britains)


Zoo / Wild / Jungle (based-on or copies of other makes, other figures as Farm - above)
- Jungle Hunter (scoped rifle)
- Western Hunter (cowboy with dog)
- Tarzan (ex-Reamsa or Jexan?)

Early Numbered Sets
281 - Zoo 42pc Animal Set (animals, zoo keeper, fences with 30 windows)
77713 - The Circus Chimps (window-box, 2 chimps riding elephants, walking chimp, 2x cacti)

Other 'Blue Boxes'
- 52 Pieces New Zoo Set (22 animals, fences and entry turnstile in four trays, PE HK version)
- 52 Pieces New Zoo Set (22 animals, fences and entry turnstile in four trays, vinyl Macau versions?)
- Blue Box Home Zoo Set (35 animals, keeper, feeder, fences through 19 windows)
- Blue Box Zoo Animals (13 large scale animals, 12-window tray)
- Blue Box Zoo Animals (16 large scale animals, palm-tree, pull-off display front, blister underneath)
- Educational Toys Animal Book (book-fold set of 14 animals and zoo fencing)
- Home Zoo (multi-window tray, 26 large-scale animals and ex-Britains zoo keeper)
- Tarzan Jungle Animals (large scale, 7 animals, Tarzan and Hunter, in Salco branding, approximately 1966)
- Zoo Animals (16 larger animals and palm tree in single window tray)
- [No Title] (animal trailer with safari-striped Land-Rover, seems to have been French market item, with undecorated pair of monkeys)

Other Early Sets (un-numbered, or number unknown)
Bagged with header-card
- Zoo Animals (large scale hippo, gorilla, polar bear, crocodile and palm tree)
- Tarzan Jungle Animals (also for Salco, Tarzan with bow, hunter, 7 large animals, monkey)

Probably Not Blue Box (but with Blue Box or post-Blue Box mouldings)
- Miniature Play Set Noah’s Ark (might be Blue Box)


Other Civilian
- Civil medics (based on US Medics)
- Firemen (Bue Box originals? 2 poses?)
- Mechanics (ex-Dinky, 25mm, blue)
- Mechanics (ex-Dinky, 30mm, blue)
- Mechanics (ex-Dinky, 35mm, orange)
- Mechanics (ex-Dinky, 40mm, red, may not be Blue Box)
- Petrol-pump Attendant and Pumps (ex-Matchbox)
- Road Menders (ex-Dinky)
- Road Menders (ex-Marx)
- Civil drivers (various, usually glued into vehicles)
- Passengers and Airline Crew (soft PVC/vinyl rubber, 30mm)

Early Numbered Sets
5403 - (3x small scale civil Bedford RL's, various body types)
7401 - Civil Engineering Series
7402 - Auto Series (x4 ex-Matchbox cars, some with driver figure)
7403 - Commercial Series
7404 - Civil Engineering Series (ex-Matchbox cement mixer, tipper-truck, road-roller and JCB)
7416 - Shell Pumps
7417 - Gas Station with Garage
7421 - Jaguar XK140  (copy of Matchbox 32a)
7422 - MG A Sports Car (copy of Matchbox 19b)
7423 - Muir Hill Site Dumper (copy of Matchbox 2a or 2b)
7424 - Bedford Tow/Wreck [breakdown] Truck (copy of Matchbox 13a or 13b?)
7425 - Cement Mixer (Copy of Matchbox 26a or 26b)
7426 - Trolley Truck (copy of Matchbox 28b Bedford compressor truck)
7427 - Bedford 7-ton Tipper Truck (copy of Matchbox 40a, smaller moulding to other Bedfords)
7428 - Aveling Barford Road Roller (copy of Matchbox 1c)
7429 - Double-decker Bus  (copy of Matchbox 5a London Bus)
7430 - Mobile Cement Mixer (copy of Matchbox 3a)
7431 - Weatherill Excavator (copy of Matchbox 24a)
7432 - Jeep (actually a copy of the Britains Lilliput Austin Champ)
7433 - VW Beetle (copy of Matchbox 25b)
7434 - Morris Minor
7435 - Austin A50 (saloon body)
7436 - Commer Van (copy of Matchbox 69a)
7437 - Morris J2 Pick Up (forward control van)
7438 - Motorcycle (ex-Dinky, also in the military range, two versions)
7439 - Thames Estate Car
7440 - Wolseley 1500
7441 - ?
7442 - ?
7443 - Station Wagon
7444 - Hillman Minx
7452 - Garage Set
7478 - Tractor
7498 - Car Series Set (6 vehicles from 74xx series)
7499 - Construction Set
7772 - Car Series Set (8 vehicles from 74xx series)
77061 - Blue Box Service Station (two-deck, civil)
77064 - Blue Box Construction Set (two-deck, civil)
77065 - Blue Box Fire Station (two-deck, civil)
77118A - Dockside Loading Set (2 Bedford MK’s, cardboard accessories)
77390 - Construction Set (crane lorry or platform-lorry, civil, Dinky-copy road worker)
77435 - Car Service (3-deck, car, hoist, ex-Dinky staff, Bedford truck, and other accessories)
77650 - Blue Box Service Car (civil set, mix of Matchbox, Corgi and Dinky piracies)
77651 - Gasoline Station (blister card, 4 mechanics, 3 vehicles, Shell pumps and sign)
770099 - Construction Set (contents vary each with small-scale ex-Dinky roadworker)

Other 'Blue Boxes'
- 3-Deck Car Service (window box, 3 figures, 3 vehicles, air-pump and ramp/lift)
- 24 Pieces City Traffic Set (Matchbox 1-75 vehicle copies with Dinky street furniture copies)
- 46 Piece Modern Airport Set (various scales, contents etc...PVC 30mm figures, play mat)
- Auto Series (Boxed, 4 cars in box, scale varies)
- Auto Series (Header-carded bag with backing card and cut-outs, 2 cars, fuel pumps, signs)
- Blue Box Commercial Series (boxed, four lorry and bus models)
- Blue Box Plastic Toy Car Series (36x assorted 74xx series matchbox copies as counter display/dispenser, probably 3-each 7421-7432)
- Car Series (x12 ex-Matchbox 1-75 series copies)
- City Traffic Set (contents vary)
- Commercial Series (card partitions with four larger-scale vehicles ex-Corgi/Dinky?)
- Construction set (3-deck, window-box, 3x VW mini-vans, 3x Bedford RL's, 1970)
- Construction Site (window-box, Bedford MK - bodies vary - figure and accessory, contents vary)
- Miniature Train Set (12 sections of circular track, steam locomotive, 4x wagons and accessories)
- Public Car Park (big-box toy, 3 level multi-story hardboard and plastic car park with  elevator,vehicles fuel pumps etc, 1970's)
- Road Repair Set (civil version of Mobile Combat Team set above, Dinky road workers)
- Safety First Traffic Set (carded, 10x Matchbox 1-75 copies plus accessories)
- Service Station Set (6-window, Dinky figure copies with Matchbox and other vehicles/accessories)

Other Early Sets (un-numbered, or number unknown)
Bagged with header-card
- A Blue Box Plastic Toys Series (40mm figures, 1970)
Blister Card sets
- Blue Box Toys (blister carded copies of Matchbox, 1 per card)

Large Scale Vehicles
- Ford Model 'T'
- 1911 Maxwell
- Rolls Royce Phantom V (ex-Dinky model 152, also issued as Salco)
- Mercedes-Benz 600 Limousine (ex-Dinky model 128, also issued as Salco)

- Atlantean Bus (large-scale, ex-Dinky)
- BAC Comet
- DC 3 (? Four-engined airliner)
- Helicopter (as military/Triang-Hornby)
- Battery Operated Truck/Car Wash
- Blue Box Toys (single blister-carded ex-Matchbox 1-75 series, various)
- Gasoline Station (Dinky figure copies with Matchbox and other vehicles/accessories)
- TV Van (large-scale, ex-Corgi)

Probably Not Blue Box (but with Blue Box or post-Blue Box mouldings)
- Construction Set (all soft-plastic copy of 77390)

Loose Vehicles
Bedford RL ('Big Bedford', also individually window boxed with/without figure)
- Cement Mixer
- Crane, Breakdown ('Engineering Co.')
- Crane, Construction
- Curtain-side [or] Ice-cream / Grocery / Drinks truck (? Open-side, boxed-body)
- Drop-side, Open
- Drop-side, Separate Tilt
- Flatbed
- Petrol/Oil/Lubricant Tanker ('Shell')
- Stake-side Pipe Carrier with Pipes
- Tipper / Dump Truck
- Wooden Shipping-container

Small Vehicles (mostly matchbox 1-75 series copies, also individually boxed and blister carded)
- Cement Mixer
- Front-loader Digger
- London Taxi-cab
- Volkswagen Beetle
- Mini Van (Commer?)
- London Routmaster Bus
- Racing Car
- Sports Cars (2 designs)
- Morris Minor
- Salon Cars (at least 5 designs)
- Breakdown Truck

- Airport Building
- Airport Extension Wing
- Airport Corridor/Concourse
- Hanger
- Control Tower
- Stables

- Aircraft Steps
- Air Pump
- Oil Cabinet
- Petrol Pumps (2-unit, island with tyre rack)
- Petrol Pumps (3-unit, island with operator, copy of Lesney die-cast)
- Petrol Pumps (2-unit, island with operator and signs, conversion of previous)
- Petrol Pumps (individual, copy of Barton/Lunby)
- Petrol Station Sign
- Road Signs (yellow plastic)
- Road Signs (white plastic, shorter)
- Road Signs (white plastic, taller)
- Traffic lights
- Tyre Rack
- Vehicle Ramp/Lift/Hoist
- Poplar Trees (Merit copies)


 Dolls Houses

60mm (styrene, loose figures)
Dolls House Family (10+ poses?)

Numbered Sets
7504 - Summer Resort (boxed civil play-set includes swimming pool, figures and accessories)
No. 32068 - Dolls House (1:24th scale)
77062 - Blue Box Babies Home (two-deck, dolls house stuff)

Unnumbered - Number Unknown
Other 'Blue Boxes'
- 81 Pieces Home Set (styrene dolls house with 10x 60mm figures, 2x dogs, Lunby and Marx copies)
- Blue Box Cable Railways (2 gondolas, 6 seated passengers, cables and turntables, copied from two Lehmann sets - Rigi Duo; running gear and Rigi 900; gondola/cabin)
- Candy Home 28 Piece Doll House (with balcony, 1:24th scale, approx. 1981-6, furniture differed from 1970's version ©1980)
- Candy Home 28 Piece Doll House (without balcony, 1:24th scale, approx. 1981-6, furniture differedfrom 1970's version ©1980)
- Dream House (dolls house with action figures, 1995)
- Carry Along Light-up Dream House (with large articulated figures, 1995, sold through Toymasters)
- Ferris Wheel (contains doll's house figures)
- My Perfect Dream home (red/yellow window boxes, various contents)

Larger Dolls
- Drinks and Wets (large doll)
- Darling Baby (infant in nappy with bottle, large scale)

Blue Box - Red Cartouche (1970's/80's, no codes)
- Jeans Girl (redhead in denim jumpsuit)
- Miss Jogging (blonde in orange tracksuit)
Blue Box Redbox (8" dolls marked Blue Box, with Redbox accessories)
- Diver Doll / Deep Sea Diver (copy of Hasbro/Palitoy with simplified doll, weights/ helmet marked Redbox)


Famous Historical Characters (54mm, Marx style heavy plinth/base, discussed by Garratt)
Painted on Cream Styrene (chronological listing)
- Alexander the Great
- Julius Caesar
- Richard the Lionheart (III)
- Robin Hood
- Henry VIII (Tudor)
- Sir Francis Drake
- Duke of Marlborough
- Napoleon
- Admiral Lord Nelson
- Davy Crockett
- Geronimo
- Buffalo Bill
Silver-Chromium Finish (Alphabetical listing)
- Admiral Lord Nelson
- Alexander the Great
- Buffalo Bill
- Davy Crockett
- Duke of Marlborough
- Geronimo
- Henry VIII (Tudor)
- Julius Caesar
- Napoleon
- Richard the Lionheart (III)
- Robin Hood
- Sir Francis Drake

Scenics (blow-moulded in dun-yellow ethylene)
- Farmhouse (ex-Spot On)
- Barn (ex-Spot On)
- Hay Rick (ex-Spot On)
- Sacks (ex-Corgi)
- Rock Formation (ex-Hausser/Elastolin)
- Sandbag Emplacements (x2 different, ex-Crescent)


Other 1952- 1979'ish Toys

Mini Game Series
77938 (?) - Roulette**
779?? - Pocket Jockey (horse race game, plug-in mini horses)

Battery-Operated Robots (1979, UK - after 1982, USA)
- Computer Robot (UK registered design No. 950563)
- Silver Warrior (UK registered design No. 950564)

- Spinning Top (large, plastic)
- Microscope (plastic copy of Merit/Lott's type die-casts)
- Electronic Intercom Phone (1970's?)

Construction Sets (slightly smaller than Lego, registered in Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK)
- Blue Box Construction Set (larger set)
- "Swift" Construction Set (99 piece set)

Modern Era

1980's Sets
NO. 35094 - 2-in-1 Ultra Speed Raceway & Smash Up Set (with looped twin tracks and pull-back motor 2x F1 racing cars)
Flower Kids (early-mid 1980's, Cabbage Patch Kid look-a-likes, BBT)
Fashion Dolls (10.5" Barbie look-a-likes, BBI)

Macau Die-Casts (after Matchbox, Corgi Juniors or Hot Wheels, approximately 1:64th scale)
Muscle Cars (each with tampo-printed racing graphics (in brackets), alphabetical)
- 1956 Ford Thunderbird - Hot-rodded ('7')
- 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air - Hot-rodded ('6')
- BMW 633CSi ('2')
- Chevrolet Camaro ('5')
- Chevrolet Corvette ('3')
- Ferrari F50 ('17 Sports Team Turbo Racing')
- Ferrari Testarossa ('15 racing Team turbo')
- Honda Prelude ('23 Turbo Rally team')
- Jaguar XJ-S ('24 Turbo Powerful Racing team')
- Lamborghini Countach ('20 A Team Racing Turbo Team')
- Mercedes-Benz 560SL ('11')
- Nissan 300ZX ('8 'Turbo')
- Peugeot 205 Turbo ('18 Rally Racing')
- Pontiac Fiero ('2')
- Porsche 928 ('22 Blue Box Campion Super Turbo Racing Team')
- Porsche 930 Turbo ('10')
- Porsche 959 ('19 'Super Turbo Rally Team')
- Toyota Celica ('07 'Team Turbo Racing')
- Volvo 840 ('21 'Turbo Power Racing')
- VW Golf GTi ('19 Turbo GTi')

Larger (1:24th scale) F1 (James Hunt era) racing cars marked to and sold by Marx may also be from this factory


Modern Era / BBI
Elite Command (Die-cast 55mm, also imported into the UK by Diecast Direct)
No. 30076 - World War II Commanders of Fame (Monty, Rommel and 14 other figures)
No. 30094 - The American Civil War (Lee, Grant and 6 other figures)
No. 30095 - World War II (Patton, Rommel and 6 other figures)
No. 30096 - Emperor Napoleon & The Duke of Wellington (x2 characters +6 infantry)
No. 34141 - General Ulysses S. Grant (ACW, character +3 Union infantry)
No. 34142 - General Robert E. Lee (ACW, character +3 Confederate infantry)
No. 34145 - General George S. Patton (WWII, character +3 American infantry)
No. 34146 - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (WWII, character +3 German infantry)
No. 34147 - Napoleon Army of the French Empire (character +3 infantry figures)
No. 34149 - Duke of Wellington (character +3 infantry figures)
No. 34161 - General Dwight D. Eisenhower (WWII, character +3 American infantry)
No. 34162 - Lt General Bernard Montgomery (WWII, character +3 British infantry)
No. 34167 - Julius Caesar Roman Legion (character +3 Legionaries)
No. 34201 - Centurion (officer +3 Legionaries)
No. 30151 - Classic Collectibles [sic] World War II (contents same as #30076)
No. 30152 - Classic Collectibles [sic] The Battle of Waterloo (contents same as #30096)
No. 30153 - Classic Collectibles [sic] Roman Legion
#8347 - Promotional Trade Sell Sheet (1:32nd)
#8348 - Promotional Trade Sell Sheet (1:32nd, 4 logo's present on sheet)
1:28th Scale Single Figures (all WWII, all kneeling poses, others were illustrated but don't seem to have been issued)
- American Soldier
- British Soldier
- German Soldier
#8349 - Promotional Trade Sell Sheet


Airliner Models 1:200th Scale (codes may be dealer's not Blue Box)
BBOX70701P - Boing 707-300 Air Hong Kong (Polished) #VR-HKL
BBOX048 - Douglas DC-10-30 Federal Express 'old livery' #N303FE
BBOX0971 - Boing 727-200 Condor #D-ABTI Silver
BBOXSTAR03 - Boing 737-800 South African 'Star Alliance' #ZS-SJV
BBOX210 - Boing 747-400 Air New Zealand #ZK-SUI
BBOXJAL03 - Douglas DC-10-40 Japan Asia 'delivery livery' #JA8534
BBOX80112 - Douglas DC-8-62 Japan Airlines 'old livery' #JA8037
BBOX021 - JAL Cargo DC-8-62 Japan Airlines, old livery, Reg.No. #JA8056)
BBOXDP001 - Douglas DC-10-20 JAS (Japan Air Systems) 'Peter Pan' JA8551 (with DP Models)
BBOXDP002 - Douglas DC10-30 JAS (Japan Air Systems) in 1990's colours (with DP Models)
BBOXJALW06 - Douglas DC-10-40 Japan Airlines (JALways) 'RESOCHA' #JA8539
BBOXJAL07 - Douglas DC-10-40 Japan Airlines (JALways) 'RESOCHA' #JA8544
BBOXJAA004 - Douglas DC-10-40 Japan Asia 90's Livery #JA8532
BBOXQFA02 - Boing 737-800 Qantas 'Geelong' Frequent Flyer Program #VH-XZD
BBOXFFT01 - Boing 737-200 Frontier Airlines 'Elk' #N1PC
BBOXFFT02 - Boing 737-200 Frontier Airlines 'Raccoon & Red Fox' #N205AU
BBOXFFT03 - Boing 737-200 Frontier Airlines 'Snowy Owl & Elk' #N270FL
BBOX8011213 - Douglas DC-8-62 Champion Air #N802MG
BBOXQFA06 - Boing 747-400 Qantas 'Boxing Kangaroo' #VH-OJU
BBOXQFA07 - Qantas Boing 747-400 Qantas 'City of Melbourne, Formula 1 (F1)' #VH-OJC
BBOX747SAA01 - Boing 747-400 South African Airlines #ZS-SBK
BBOX1111014 - BAC-111 Mohawk #N1136J
BBOXE31214 - NATO-LX E-3A Sentry #LX-N90442
BBOX2538 - Boing 777-200 British Airways 'Panda' #G-YMMH (originally anounced as BBOX2533)
BBOX2528 - Boeing 747-45E EVA Air Cargo #B-16410 (with stand)
BBOX2529 - Boeing 747-45EF/SCD EVA Air Cargo #B-16409 (with stand)
BBOX2525 - Boing 747-400 Malaysian 'Hibiscus' #9M-MPD (with stand)
BBOX2526 - Boing 747-400 Malaysian 'Hibiscus' #9M-MPB (with stand)
BBOXOX211 - Boing 747-400 Ansett Australia 'Sydney 2000'

Airliner Models 1:400th Scale (codes may be dealer's not Blue Box)
BBXUAL0615A - United Shuttle Boing 737-300 United Shuttle #N398UA
BBXDAL0815 - Boing 737-200 Delta Airlines #N309Dl
BBBNF040612 - Boing 747-123National Airlines


Famous Championship Horses
Blue Ribbon Ranch
Blue Ribbon Stables
37032 - Quarter Horse (6 colours)
37033 - Thoroughbred (running, on stand, 6 colours)
37034 - Appaloosa (6 colours)
37035 - Spanish Barb (6 colours)
? - Quarter Horse mare & foal
? - Standing Bay Drafter
37039 - Arabian Stallion (white, black or bay)

Decoration was; bay, black, buckskin, chestnut/sorrel, grey or palomino


Mini Action Figure Play Sets
- Haunted Castle
- Arthur and the Round Table Play Set
- Dragon Knight Play Set (free magnifying glass, 2 mounted, 3 foot knights, catapult, dragon)
- Cavalry Fort Play Set
- Roman Fort Play Set
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Play Set


Mythical & Fantasy (4" action figures)
- Playscape 7-pack
- 3-Headed Dragon
- 4-Pack (Werewolf, black knight, Dark Lord, grey/tan dragon)
- 4-Pack (blue dragon, green wizard, silver night, green orc)
- 5-Pack (knights)
- Black Knight
- Dark Lord
- Dragon (blue)
- Dragon (green)
- Dragon (grey/tan)
- Elf Warrior
- Orc (green)
- Ranger Mythical & Fantasy
- Silver Knight
- Werewolf
- Wizard

Gormiti - 3D Puzzle Lords (B Kids, 94mm, pop-together vinyl, issued by Gig in Italy)
003441 - Nick
003442 - Lucas
003443 - Toby
003444 - Migmion

Later Toys and Action Figures
- Gothic Dark
King of Fighters (12" 1:6th scale action figures)
- Kyo Kusanagi (2000)
The Legend Of Dragoon (BBI, 6" 1:12th scale action figures, 2001)
- Dart Action Figure
- Rose Action Figure
- Kongol
Cy Girls / Cy Com (BBI, 6" 1:12th scale action figures from video game, 1999-2003)
- A. J. McLeod (2001)
- Alana (1999)
- Aurora (2001)
- Blaze (2001)
- Colossus (2002)
- Cutie Honey (from Go Nagai comic, 2001)
- Destiny (2001)         
- Ebony (2001)
- Electra
- Ice (before cardinal garrison, 2003)
- Jet (2001)
- Kat (2001)
- Lola (2001)
- Nikki (2001)
- Perfect Body
- Shadow (2001)
- Sky (2001)
- Spectre (2002)
Family - Thumbelina (1994)
- Berkeley Beetle
- Jacquimo
- Prince Cornelius Family
- Prince Cornelius & Thumbelina Family
- Prince Cornelius with crown Family
- Thumbelina
- Thumbelina Deluxe Gift Set
- Fatal Fury (2001)
- Omega Boost (2000)
- Perfect Dark (2001)
- Legend of Dragoon
- Fighting Force
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver (BBI, video game characters, 2001/2)
- Kain
- Lieutenant Raziel

Elite Force (BBI 3 ¾" 1:25th scale action figures - 2002)
- Assault Member Navy SEAL          
- Breacher Navy SEAL
- Combat Diver Navy SEAL
- Night Ops. Navy SEAL
- Radio Man Navy SEAL
- Sniper Navy SEAL
Elite Force (BBI 1:18th action figures)
#21177  - USMC: Clement Packer
-  Ultimate Soldier Code Name 'LT' (?)
Elite Force (BBI 1:18th scale vehicles/aircraft)
- F18 C F-18 Hornet VFA-86 Sidewinders
- WWII US F4U Corsair - Marines VMF-115
- WWII Luftwaffe BF-109 The Black Devil of Ukraine 1943
Elite Force (BBI 6" 1:12th scale action figures - 1990-00's)
21694 - US Paratroopers, Cpl Ferguson, US 75th Rangers
21695 - US Paratroopers, Sgt Brooks, US 173rd Airborne
21696 - US Paratroopers, Lt Lucas, US 101St Airborne Medic
21697 - US Paratroopers, Cpl Dimarco, US 82nd Airborne Bazooka
21698 - US Paratroopers, Pte Ramirez, US 82nd Airborne Rifleman
21699 - US Paratroopers, Sgt Mahoney, US 101St Airborne Mohawk
- Emergency Services
- US Fire Department Emergency Services
Elite Force - Freedom Force (12" 1:6th scale Action Figures - 1990-00's)
- US Marine Corps
- US Navy F-14 "Topgun" Pilot (2002)
- US Navy F-14 Tomcat Pilot
Elite Force - Legends (12" 1:6th scale Action Figures - 1990-00's)
- F-15A Female Pilot "Burner"
- George W. Bush: US President and Naval Aviator (2003)
- Marine Force-reacon 'Sniper'
- Richard Marcinko (2001)
- SAS - Clark (1998)
- Sergeant 'Dusty' Rhodes: US Marine Corps
- Sniper Assassin 'Lucifer' ('Terminate', 2002)
- WWII 21st Panzer Division Gunner Corporal Franz Haas
Elite Force (scale unknown)
- Desert Patrol Vehicle
- M-113 Armored Vehicle
- Marine Force Recon 'Sniper'
- Marine Force Sniper
- MH-6 Mission Assault Little Bird
- MI-24 Hind Armored Gunship
- MH-60 Night Raid Black Hawk (plastic model)
-  Special Ops Action Figure 5-Pack Navy SEALs & Delta Force
Elite Force 50mm Play Set Tubs (in order of original availability, supposedly 'exclusive' to Target in the US, they then turned-up in other outlets, such as Meijer Stores)
- Army (2014)
004847 - Pirate Crew (with skeleton warriors, 2015)
- Elves v. Orks (announced for 2016)


Other Action Figure Types
Andromeda (12 inch figures based on Gene Roddenberry sci-fi stories, 2003)
- Beka Valentine
- Dylan Hunt
- Tyr Anasazi
- Rev Bem
- Set Of 4 Andromeda 12" Action Figures
S.M.A.C. Fighting Team (12" (?) dressable dolls with real cloth outfits, 1980's)
- Arch
- Boomerang
- CB
- Dagger
- Flail
- Fuse
- Lookout
- Mohawk
- Plan Man
- Scuba
- Shuriken
- Sticks
Fighting Force (6" 1:12th scale Action Figures, 1999)
- Hawk
- Mace
- Smasher
Other Older Children's Toys and Action Figures
- Perfect Dark Collectable Figure      
- Rose (6" 'Legend of Dragoon', video game character, 2000)
- Sonajero Llaves Musical (?)
- The King of Fighters -Mai Shiranui (6 ½" 'King Of Fighters' action figure, 2000)
- Pracing Princess (battery operated, wheeled, lilac horse with fashionable hair, 1993/4)


Toys for Younger Children
Yo-Yo Gabba Play Sets
- Yo Gabba Gabba Music Box
- Yo Gabba Gabba Speaker
Video Game Character Toys
- Omega Boost
- Fighting Force

Blue Box Hello Kitty Licensed
- Hello Kitty Crystal Creation Kit
- Hello Kitty Roller Disco
- Tea Sets
- Lunch Boxes
- Hello Kitty Egg Playset
- Hello Kitty Electronic Password Diary
- Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker - Guitar
- Hello Kitty Password Jewelry Box
- Hello Kitty Fashion Stage Playset
- Hello Kitty Fashion Show Playset
Dolls Houses
- Hello Kitty Cool Café
- Hello Kitty Light-up Dream House
- Victorian Doll House

MiJam Musical Intraments
- MiJam Drummer
- MiJam Guitar
- MiJam Guitar - Red (Toys R' Us Exclusive
0-10 Months
- Play With Me Gym
- Play N’ Grow Play Station
- Go With Me Arch
6 Months And Up
- Play With Me Pals
- Soft Peek-A-Boo Block
9 Months and Up
- Light N’ Sound Tubes
- Amazing Mushroom
12 Months and Up
- Stack ‘N Roll Golf
- Toss ‘N Dunk Elephant Hoop
18 Months and Up
- Race Around Fun Park Playset

Other Infant Toys (2015)
B003788 - Loop and link B Kids Fifi (Japanese import, package/manual are in Japanese)
B003789 - Loop and link B Kids Zuzu (Japanese import, package/manual are in Japanese)
B003793 - Let's play with B Kids (Japanese import, package/manual are in Japanese)
- 3-in-1 Projector Musical Mobile
- Ani-Ball Sorter Dog Shape Sorter Ball
- Bebee Monkey (2015)
- B Kids Softphone B003786 (Japanese import)
- Busy Giraffe Stacker
- Chopper Hopper Helicopter
- Crocodile Xylophone
- Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey's Shape Sorter
- Dedee Duck (2015)
- Elefantito Formas Encajables (Portuguese market? Spanish?)
- Gadget Gourmet Deluxe Dinner Kit
- Gadget Gourmet Deluxe Electronic Kitchen
- Gadget Gourmet Pastry Party
- Gator Scoot 'N Scoop (Multicolor)
- Giraffe Giant Stack N' Drop
- Hammer Drum Ball Drop Action Toy Drum
- Happy Hoops Activity Toy Set (Multicolor)
- Musical Giraffe Quartet Electronic Musical Toy
- Musical TV (Multicolor)
- Noggens Chopper Hopper
- Noggens Rollin Railroad Play Set
- Play With Me Laptop (Multicolor Toy Set)
- Poppin' Shapes Jungle Figure Play Set
- Poppin' Shapes Zoo Friends (Bird, Tiger And Elephant)
- Press 'N Go Tow Truck
- Rolling Rattle
- Shape Sorting Stack N Nest Buckets
- Soft Peek-A-Boo Blocks
- Soothing Light and Projector
- Speedys Magical Shell
- Starry Night Dream Station
- Tell Me A Story Bedtime Lamp
- Thomas Shape and Sort Engine Shed (real wood)
- Veggie Tales Nativity Set


Sesame Street (1980's, contract manufactured for and see: Fisher Price)


Origin of Name change - In the die-cast collectors world the story goes that the Blue Box branding came from the copies of Matchbox (Lesney) '1-75 Series' models in plastic (sold in little blue 74xx-coded 'matchboxes'), but the Cecil Colman story is from Peter Chan, so I'm afraid the other account is someone's fanciful construct, although the similarity to Lesney's packaging was probably deliberate.

Retirement of Yeung Chi-kong - At least one on-line source stated that 'CK' retired after the death of Peter Chan Pui (2013), however he was still representing Blue Box at Toy Fairs in January 2015 and as far as I know (2016) he is still Vice Chairman, showing Peter's son the ropes as he steps into his father's shoes.

33 Statuettes - Someone is going round the Internet suggesting there are 33 figures in the Historical Characters set and that they were originally 'limited' , there are only the 12 listed above and they are all relatively common (for their age) and well known; toys in the 1960's didn't have 'limited editions'.

Armoured Cars - Various commentators have mentioned both Stoat and Dingo for the Blue Box armoured car. Blue Box made a modal of a British post-war FV701/3C Ferret scout car for inclusion with their 30 and 50mm military ranges (copied by Marx (ethylene) and NFIC (styrene)) and a Daimler armoured car (with fantasy missile-launching turret loosely-based on a Malakra type thing) in their push-and-go range, the Stoat was a fictional/experimantal modern A/C from Matchbox in the 1970's, never copied by Blue Box, while they never made a Dingo (small open-topped WWII reconnaissance car) either.

Blue Box on Home Blog
Moonbase Central Space Vehicles
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Flower Kids
Model Horse Gallery Page
Blue Ribbon
Wikipedia - Cy Girls
Company Toy Safety Policy/Statement
'CK' Talks China

What They Say
"We don’t condone or endorse the president, but he fit the criteria of our Elite Force collection" On their controversial 12-inch model doll of President George W. Bush as he landed on the US Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003 to deliver his infamous 'Mission Accomplished' speech.

What Other People Say
- Dr. Toy Award - 'Go with Me Mobile'
- Dr. Toy Award - 'Soft Peek-A-Boo Block'
- Parents Choice Award - 'Go with Me Mobile'
- Hong Kong Toys Council/The Toys Manufacturer’s Association of Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Award - Peter Chan Pui (2011)

Further Reading
- 1-Inch Warrior Magazine; volumes' 6 and 11 (+ cover photograph)
- Toy Town; Sara Monks (2010, ISBN 978-988-19101-7-2, pub. PPP Co. Ltd.)
- The Encyclopaedia of Model Soldiers; John G. Garratt (1981, ISBN 0-584-10711-0, pub. Muller)
- The One Inch Army; Rudick, Victor (pub. 2206209 Ontario Inc.)
- The One Inch Army II; Rudick, Victor (2012, ISBN 978-0-9730517-1-1, pub. 2206209 Ontario Inc.)

What This Entry Needs
- Titles/locations/contact details for older Hong Kong factories
- Titles/locations/contact details for modern Chinese factories
- Better listings for both old and modern lines
- Nature of full relationship with Redbox lines

The listings are a mess, and will be given full re-writes from time to time, it would help if doll, or horse collectors, or one of the Action Figure/1:6th people could submit (with full acknowledgement), as that would help clean-up the areas where my own knowledge is seriously lacking!

Old headquater Building - Aberdeen, Hong kong
from both sides

Toa Payoh plant loctaion -  Singapore
Kallang plant location - Singapore