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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Craftline Models

34 Willmott Road
Four Oaks
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 5NS

Craftline began in 1978 with a small line of five (?) long-boats as balsa-wood craft kits, probably for the model railway scenic niche, however they have proved popular at tourist destinations and along the inland water-routes of Britain. Variously described over the years as 1:76, 4mm, and OO/HO also supplied by Hobby’s Annual, who at one time had their own catalogued stock-codes.

The company seems not to be at the above address (which is a private address, please don't write to it) any longer, and the moulds/templates/jigs for the kits may now be with Jarvis Manufacturing?

Historical Product Listing (alphabetically by older codes)
? - 70 Ft. Narrow Boat (probably referred to under one of the '70' codes below)
AHD70 - Coal Boat, Horse-drawn 70ft Coal Boat/Butty Boat, (no horse, includes simulated coal load, Hobby’s code; C)
ALV56 - Cruiser Stern Holiday Narrow Boat 'Alvechurch Boat Centres'
AMD70 - Coal Boat, Motor Driven, (includes simulated coal load, Hobby’s code; D)
BLA56 - Cruiser Stern Holiday Narrow Boat 'Black Prince Holidays'
CHC45 - Canal Holiday Cruiser, (Hobby’s code; E)
CMB42 - Canal Maintenance Narrow Boat
FRHC42 - River Holiday Cruiser (Hobby’s code; F)
HD70 - Covered Boat, Horse-drawn, (no horse, Hobby’s code; A)
MD70 - Covered Boat, Motor Driven (Hobby’s code; B)
SIL56 - Cruiser Stern Holiday Narrow Boat 'Silsden Boats'
TST56 - Traditional Style Tug Cruiser
Accessory Kits
CAK1 - Lift Bridge
CAK2 - Lock Gates (pair, walls and tow-paths to be scratch-built by modeler)

Current [2016] Range (with Scalelink's ordering codes)
Ref: CL01 - 70ft Horse Drawn Narrow Boat
Ref: CL02 - 70ft Motor Power Narrow Boat
Ref: CL03 - 70ft Horse Drawn Coal Boat
Ref: CL04 - 70ft Motor Power Coal Boat
Ref: CL05 - 45ft Canal Holiday Cruiser
Ref: CL06 - Canal Type Lifting Bridge
Ref: WTCL07 - Lock Gates, Beams and Sluices
Ref: WTCL08 - 42ft Broads/River Cruiser
Ref: WTCL09 - Small Colliery
Ref: CL10 - Pack of 5 Straight Track Sections (CM42/1, for use with small colliery CL09)
Ref: CL11 - Pack of 8 Curved Track Sections (CM42/2)  
Ref: CL12 - Pack of 2 turnouts (CM42/3, 1 each Left and right) 
Ref: CL13 - Pack of 4 coal tubs (CM42/4, for use with small colliery CL09)
Ref: CL14 - 61ft Semi-traditional Canal Cruiser Narrow-boat
Ref: CL15 - 56ft Canal Cruiser Tug-boat/Tug Cruiser (for pulling Semi-traditional vessels)
Ref: CL16 - 42Fft Canal Maintenance Boat (CMB42)
Ref: CL17 - 56ft Canal Cruise Boat - Alvechurch (holiday narrow-boat)
Ref: CL18 - 56ft Canal Cruise Boat - Black Prince (holiday narrow-boat)
Ref: CL19 - 56ft Canal Cruise Boat - Silsden (holiday narrow-boat)
Ref: CLCM04 - Small Industrial Building & Shed

What This Entry Needs
- Fuller History
- Unified listing with correct codes

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