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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Codec / CODEC / Consortium des épiciers du Centre


See also: Commonwealth

Jean Moreau-Dupuy - Originator/Founder

The company was a chain of small to medium-size convenience stores and/or small supermarkets (supérettes) set-up by a consortium of grocers in 1924 under Mr. Moreau-Dupuy. Their history is the same as many supermarket brands, starting small with the originating grocer's premises.

Slowly building to a local then regional chain of both co-ops and franchises including supermarkets proper (supermarchés), and modernising after the war, before becoming the recognisably 'modern' streamlined model of the last few decades with the opening of their first proper supermarket in Brittany in 1962 (Saint Brieuc), each time the company went up a gear it changed its logo with about six generations of corporate identity found by me.

The company ceased trading as a going concern in 1990, filing for bankruptcy and the stores were off-loaded to various rivals; Promodès Group (the Prodim 'local' store division of Carrefour) buying the bulk, with others going to Shopi and the rest to Market U Express (now 'U'), the last Codec shop-front seems to have been taken down in 2003.

World Dancers

The World Dancer figures were only one of their premium promotions and would - like the others - have been made by someone else, Siku are often in the frame for this sort of cream/white plastic work, but many other makers were serving the European premium demand of the 1950's and '60's and as these are a bit 'chunky' for Siku - who specialised in flats - it could have been any one of the others!

There were 24 figures, all female, all based on Commonwealth poses, marked CODEC on the front edge of the base and the nationality on the rear. Some poses - re nationality - are changed from the Commonwealth use. The figures are very well finished, more detailed than the originals, but tend to a stiffer attitude, they seem more wooden and without the softer charm of the originals, but for some of the figures it works in Codec's favour with their version being preferable to the Commonwealth original.

- Esquimaux (name not 100% sure)
- Cowgirl
- Early American (name not 100% sure, may be 'Lorraine')
- Indian (Native American)
- Bali (Uses Commonwealth's Haiti pose)
- China
- Cuba
- Czechoslovakia
- Denmark
- Egypt
- Finland (Uses Commonwealth's Sweden pose)
- France (name not 100% sure, may be 'Lorraine')
- Germany
- Hawaii
- Holland
- Hungary (Uses Commonwealth's Finland pose)
- Italy
- Japan
- Mexico
- Norway
- Portugal
- Scotland
- Siam
- Sweden (Uses Commonwealth's Switzerland pose)

Re-issues of Probably Earlier Issues by Other Brands (see those brands for details)
Sports (also issued by Cafés Martin)
Boy Scouts (also issued by Cafés Martin)
Thierry la Fronde (a Robin Hood-like character, also issued by La Maison du Café)
The Wild West (54mm soft plastic, previously issued by Cafés Legal in hard plastic)

Codec on 'Home Blog' page
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