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Friday, 6 November 2015



Hong Kong importer/re-packager

Small bags Circa 1965/6 with a handful of HK production credited to this company or shop. If a company - no record of its existence remains, if a shop - it may well have been a cycling, sports or more likely: general store/newsagents in the hamlet of Langrish, near the village of Liss, near the town of Petersfield in Hampshire, UK.

Research suggests no connection with the current Bamford cycle brand, part of the Prestige Cycles group based to the South in Brighton (thanks to Stephen at Prestige Cycles Ltd, for answering that eMail!).

So far discovered;
- Britains Khaki Infantry copies (poorer quality ‘penny’ bases a’la Blue Box, 1965)
- Copy of Manurba Wagon with Cowboys and Indians (post-Giant or Giant Originals, 1966)

What This Entry Needs
Confirmation of the originator firm/shop
Listing of other contents

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